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Intra-community dialogue brings hope for peace in the Ménaka region

From May 2 to 3, an intra-community dialogue was organized in Ménaka town, North of Mali, between the Daoussahack community and specifically between the Idoguiritanes of Tinabaw and the Idoguiritanes of Infourkaretane. The aim of the dialogue was to mediate the two conflicting parties and put an end to recurring clashes that have been going on for the past ten years. The event was organized by the NGO Cabinet de Recherche Actions pour le Développement Endogène (CRADE) in collaboration with the Ménaka Regional Reconciliation Support Team (Equipe Régionale d'Appui à la Réconciliation - ERAR) and the Local Committee of Elders. Funded by MINUSMA, it brought together for the dialogue 28 participants, including five women.

This dialogue was the result of previous discrete mediation efforts with each party, undertaken by MINUSMA in collaboration with representatives of the Ministry of National Reconciliation and Social Cohesion in January 2023. The dialogue resulted in an agreement between the Idoguiritanes of Tinabaw and the Idoguiritanes of Infourkaretane to put an end to the violence and discuss opportunities for reparation in order to establish lasting stability in the region of Ménaka.

The commitment made by both groups to end the violence brings hope for peace in the Ménaka region. The success of this intra-community dialogue is a testament to the importance of local mediation efforts in resolving conflicts and promoting social cohesion. The involvement of women in the dialogue is also a positive step towards gender-inclusive peacebuilding.

As the situation in Mali continues to be volatile, it is crucial that efforts towards peacekeeping and conflict resolution are sustained. The organizations involved in this dialogue, along with MINUSMA, have pledged to continue their support for local mediation efforts in the region.