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Gogrial police officers improve their investigative skills during UNMISS training

Thirty officers serving with the South Sudan National Police Service (SSNPS) in Gogrial have benefited from an intensive training session to sharpen their criminal investigative skills and improve their understanding of child protection and human rights law.

The two-day training workshop was provided by United Nations police officers serving at the peacekeeping mission’s base in Kuajok.

“The training exercise has given me guidance on how to handle and forward cases that have been pending on my desk from as far back as December,” said Gogrial Director for Criminal Investigation, Marko Deng Akol.

Director Akol urged the citizens of Gogrial to cooperate with local police officers during investigations by providing accurate information so that informed decisions could be made about possible prosecutions.

He said the skills learned during the workshop would improve the skills of police officers and their ability to maintain law and order in the Warrap region.

UN Police Assistant Superintendent, William Ayaregah, said the training was designed to improve the capability of investigators so that they were able to present clear evidence in court.

“Stability in every society can be achieved as long as justice is served and investigations are done in a proper way without discrimination” he said.