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Communiqué from the International Mediation

On Friday, April 7, 2023, and in line with the commitment made at its March 13 meeting, the International Mediation presented to the signatory Parties concrete proposals aimed at relaunching the implementation of the Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation resulting from the Algiers Process. The International Mediation is convinced that these proposals, which take into account the concerns expressed by the Parties during the various consultations held in Mali and Algeria, have the potential to rebuild trust and promote the re-establishment of a constructive dialogue, under the aegis of the Agreement Monitoring Committee chaired by Algeria.

The International Mediation observes with concern the current resurgence of tension between the signatory parties. In this context, it urgently appeals to the Parties to refrain from statements and actions that could jeopardize the Mediation's efforts aimed at facilitating the successful conclusion of the peace process, to translate their stated commitment to the Agreement into concrete actions, and to place the interests of their country and its people above all other considerations.

The International Mediation reaffirms its full commitment to continue to accompany the signatory Parties and the Malian people in their quest for lasting peace, stability, and reconciliation, based on the full respect of the unity, territorial integrity, and sovereignty of their country.

Bamako, April 9, 2023