UNYOM was established on 11 June 1963 by Security Council resolution 179 (1963), to observe and certify the implementation of the disengagement agreement between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Republic. The mandate of UNYOM stemmed from the disengagement agreement entered into by the three Governments concerned, namely, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Republic and the Arab Republic of Yemen, set out in the report of the Secretary-General of 29 April 1963. The function and authority of UNYOM as defined in the agreement were considerably more limited than in the case of other United Nations observation missions. Its establishment was not based on any ceasefire agreement and there was no ceasefire to supervise. The tasks of UNYOM were limited strictly to observing, certifying and reporting in connection with the intention of Saudi Arabia to end activities in support of the royalists in Yemen and the intention of Egypt to withdraw its troops from that country. The mandate of UNYOM ended on 4 September 1964 and its personnel and equipment were withdrawn.


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